Wednesday, May 21, 2008

***Updated*** My Slacker Nature Shows Up

I knew there was a reason I shouldn't have a blog! I'm too much of a slacker to keep up very well! I think of things to write about, but then by the time I have the chance to type it all up...I want to go to bed!
The first story I was going to tell (ahem, whine about) was Saturday's adventures. We went to SWK's first ever T-ball game. He's a ringer, I tell you! His coach commented on his "arm" several times and he can bat with the best of them. However...we need to work on the catching. I think we'll let Bounce handle that aspect. THAT kid has no fear of anything, least of all round missiles hurled by his daddy or brother! Anyway, SWK's T-ball game happened to fall on record-breaking temperature days. Now, I'm a Sooner by birth and choice, and I HATE (yes, that is a strong word, and I use it with gusto right now) HOT! My poor boys' cheeks were red! The game itself was fun to watch and those kids were hilarious. I hope he always shows such enthusiasm (for something other than video-gaming and Star Wars). Funny story, it was our Saturday to bring the snacks, so we brought Yogos and Capri-suns. (We're only there for an hour, people!) The first time after being in the field practicing, SWK runs up and says, "Okay, Mom (he only calls me "Mom" when he's a "big boy"), I'm ready for my Yogos." Reminds me of my nephew when he was playing T-ball about 20 years ago, "It too hot; I quit. I'm fettin'." Of course, he was sweating! It was HOT and playing in the dirt is hard work (of course, as I remember that's what he was doing out in left field...throwing dirt up in the air and not a care in the world that the other kids were frantically trying to catch this round object!) Remember that, My Middle Sister?

Anyway, boy, I'm digressing. After the "ballgame" and a birthday party (HOT there, too, as most houses around here don't have AC), we came home to work in the yard some. SWK promptly poked a stick in his eye. Not on purpose, mind you, but still. He jumped off a "bridge" (really just boards across a deep ditch) and the "weapon" (a stick shaped like a gun. Really, is anyone ever successful at not letting their boys "play guns?") he was currently toting around poked him right on the eyelid. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us eyelids! SWK was so upset that he didn't want to watch Star Wars while he laid on the couch with an ice pack. That's serious, people.

Then, Bounce fell in some Stinging Nettle (don't know what it's called everywhere else, but Buddy, it hurts!!). His lower leg was just on fire with pain. Serious screaming because, quite frankly, it hurt and Bounce doesn't do anything quietly. He gets that from his father! Thankfully, we've found (thanks to our neighbors) that Benadryl makes an awesome spray that works wonders for the stinging.

Then, Ju Ju Bees came down with allergies, a cold or something. I think it's a cold that must be going around because a couple of other people have had similar symptoms (fever, sinus-y issues (for lack of a better term and the desire to keep it "not gross!")). And this all happened on Saturday. Of course, that was also the third day I had contended with a splitting headache. Probably because of the heat!!

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