Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On One Hand...

I have something to blog about; on the other hand, good gravy, could I get an Ibuprofen?? So, today I was supposed to have a dentist appointment along with an orthodontist appointment (Yes, I've already had braces..but that's another story), and I've waited a month to have the two appointments back-to-back so that I don't have to have two sitters, blah blah blah. However, since my van has started having more issues (again!), I decided it would be prudent (I love that word...and I like prunes, how weird is that?) to cancel the appointment(s) and take my van in to the semi-local transmission shop since that is what I was convinced it was in the first place. After consultation with DH and DH's brother, it was agreed that immediate action needed to take place. So, here I am with three boys and a van that is having "issues." We drive about 12 miles to the semi-local place to drop off the van, and since the Star Wars kid has been begging to go the children's museum, we hiked up the hill to spend "half the day" (the tech at the transmission shop's words). (On that note, Thank you, Jesus, that the museum was in close proximity! Although it was a big hill! DH was working out of town today and there really was no other way to get the van to the shop, and no sitters were really available for "half the day.")
At the museum, we had a great time with only one dim note. The boys were able to play on a HUGE play ground on the ROOF of the museum. Star Wars Kid is my child in his passivity and allowed a few kids to "push him around." I tried to get him to stand up for himself (they weren't physically touching him, but they just weren't being nice. Where were their moms??? Why haven't their moms taught them to share and take turns?). I'm surprised Bounce (the second child of mine) didn't take them all out...he's not known for his passivity! Anyway, I saw another mother there who I had birthing classes with when I was pregnant with SWK, and she and I have ran into each other in weird (kid) related places and she lives even further north than I do. Just one of those "God things," I think.
Finally, the guy calls and says the van is ready. Actually what he says is that it's going to cost $1800 just to get an internal diagnosis (rebuilding the transmission essentially) plus anything extra they might find when they get in there). "Do you want us to get started on that?" Let me see, 1)I've already been at a children's museum (with two school groups coming and going) for 3.5 hours; 2)I have no way to get myself and 3 children home (I'm assuming that the rebuilding of a transmission doesn't prevent the guys from going home at 5:00!) 3)$1800???? Are you nuts? Seriously, I told him, "Uh, no. We only paid $4500 for it 5 years ago and are going to be getting a new one soon, so no. We'll be down there soon." After that, things kinda went downhill (and I mean that literally as we had to walk down a very steep hill!). Actually, not but a few seconds after we got out of the museum, Bounce took a fall (mainly because he was running when he wasn't supposed to be) and scraped his upper lip something fierce.
My, I'm wordy today; perhaps to make up for my lack of anything exciting over the weekend. However, I would prefer non-excitement. Oh, and then we get home to find out that our neighbor girl (who's planning on marrying SWK when they're 14) has Strep. She's apparently had it for several days without anybody recognizing it because she's doesn't have any symptoms other than hugely swollen lymphnodes at the side of her neck. Anyway, I think I may be a hypochondriac, but my throat hurts. I'm going to bed and put it all behind me! I guess I'll have more time to clean house tomorrow because we're stuck at the ranch until we find a new chariot for the offspring and me to tool around in.

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