Monday, May 12, 2008

That New Car Smell...

Or maybe it's a new used-car smell; either way, I'm loving our "new" van. It's a 2005 Toyota Sienna. I love the name "Sienna"; but I didn't when I was little. Burnt Sienna was one of my least favorite colors in the Crayola box. I think because even though they (the Crayola people) tried to give it a pretty name, it was still just brown. And my eyes were brown. I hated brown. I wanted green eyes. I didn't mind that my hair was brown. Nope. Never wanted blond hair or red hair. But I would have seriously hurt someone for green eyes. Now with Bounce, I tell him, "I love your pretty brown eyes." Then he returns the favor and I'm glad I have pretty brown eyes. Just like him. Or...maybe they're burnt sienna. Oh, and I also love the name "Seneca," but that REALLY has nothing to do with anything except they sound alike...kinda. Okay, I digress.

Back to the van: it's charcoal grey (I also like to spell grey with an "e" so sue me). We can fit seven people in there comfortably with all their luggage and groceries. I love it!! I am mostly glad we didn't get a truck. Besides the price of gas, my groceries would get wet...a lot. DH has more common sense than I have need for a truck (notice I didn't say he has more common sense than I do..that's another story for another day). Oh, and NO DVD player! SWK is pretty happy just to explore all the buttons and ask, "Hmm, what does this do?" The side windows (y'know on the sliding doors) "roll" down. (I don't know the term for when you push the button and they go down; I'm a product of the 70s.) We figured that out on the highway the other day, and it freaked me out a little...a lot. We also figured out (thankfully sitting in a parking lot) that he could open his door without getting out of his seat. I promptly hopped out and figured out that there's a child safety lock. I'm sure he'll figure out how to undo it. He doesn't yet know about the lock button I pushed on the window yet, so maybe there's hope for me yet. Although it's only been a day.

Here's a direct quote from Bounce after asking him why he was upset the other day. "Cuz, evwebody is a wooser, Mommy." Good times.

This picture is from Thanksgiving, but they're still just as cute.

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