Sunday, June 8, 2008

HeeHawks Birthday

So Saturday was Bounce's 3rd birthday, and Sunday he woke up looking like he was 3. Not two like he was just two days before, but a big boy of 3 who has slept 3 nights now in "unnerwear" not Pullups (I hope this blog is history by the time he's old enough to have a girlfriend as it might be a tad bit embarrassing!). While he's been dry every morning (and sometimes well into the morning..I have to make him go some mornings!) for several weeks, I just cringe at the thought of having to wash his comforter (it's big, it's denim, it takes forever to dry, and I never think about using something a little more manageable until it's nighttime and I'm just trying to get the little rats, I mean, sweethearts in bed!). So "unnerwear" it is for my big boy.
The day started out with a stinkin'-early (okay, 9:15) photoshoot for the T-ball team, and then because that took so long, they only "played" for about 20 minutes. But as painful as it was to get everyone there (I had to wake up Ju Ju Bees...I hate that!) it was good to get our day started off a little earlier than a usual Saturday. DH took the big boys bowling, and Ju Ju Bees and I went thrift shopping (yay!). We met DH and the boys at McDonalds where we ate lunch with the above bouquet of balloons on our table. Then we had another birthday party to attend, ate cake there, came home, and the boys had a watergun fight with the neighbors next door (did I mention that it was about 53 degrees here Sat.?). Then we had presents, then grilled cheese sandwiches and then....MORE CAKE! "Let them eat cake" (who said that?).
Monday morning starts early with the drop-off of SWK's "best friend" and Star Wars mentor and his little sister. I'll be watching the two of them for the next two weeks and possibly more this summer. They're landing on my couch at approximately 0600 you all know how much I LOVE mornings? I am going to try to stay up (their mom encouraged me just to go back to bed) and do my quiet time and get a little bit of quiet housework done. We're going to read all summer, and we're starting tomorrow! Yeah, I'll probably be needing at nap by 10 and another at 2. Here's some pictures of Saturday (Bounce got two Seahawks shirts, and we're having a little trouble taking them off). Oh, and I'm not sure why he's doing the 'underbite' thing...what can I say? He's three!

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