Thursday, June 12, 2008

One of "Toes" Posts

After DH had given the boys baths the other night, I went into their room to pray with them. I looked down at Bounce, and he was balanced on the edge of his bed with his big toe in his mouth. My first thought was, "Hmm that's weird and GROSS!" But to my credit, I calmly asked, "Mmm, Bounce, why do you have your toe in your mouth?" He replied, "I tuckin' on it." Oh. "Mmm, why are you sucking on it?" "Acuz, it tathes good." Okay. I'm not sure how he knew it tasted good before he stuck it in his mouth, but whatever. The kid's weird. Cute, but weird.

On another "toe" note, I'm keeping these two kids, brother and sister, and the other day, Bounce walked in and said, "I not pwaying with fem anymo-er." "Oh, and why not." "They woosers." I'm tellin' you, he's DH's son. "Honey, let's not call people losers. What happened?" "I hurt mythelf." "Where?" "On my toe-finger." I ask, "Where's your toe-finger?" He looks at me like I'm clueless (which at this point, I am), "Right here" and sticks his foot on my lap. I take it it's the whole foot. Not sure, but I was afraid to ask another silly question.

By the way, the jubilation I felt at us all being well? I jumped the gun. Ju Ju Bees has an ear infection and Bounce just finished his antibiotic a week ago, but I think that Bounce is going to have to go back to the clinic as he has a horrible cough and just doesn't look, well, bouncy. Once again...good times!

On a happier note, SWK finished the first level swimming classes. He repeated that one twice as he was NOT comfortable in the water after the first session ended, but now, he is swimming around with a floaty thing tied around him. His teacher this time was a guy, and I think that made a small difference. He liked his other two teachers but he really liked his instructor this time. Also, the class only had three kids in it. So even though we wound up missing so many classes because the brothers were sick, he still gets to move up. You should see him, Grandmom and Granddad, he swims, he smiles, he swims, he smiles. It makes going to bed at night easy because he was exhausted after class tonight! Yay SWK!

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