Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Power of the Mundane (or the Gross)

Yesterday, the kids (and I mean, all the kids) were playing Power Rangers with Lego-made swords/weapons. SWK and the boy of the two kids I'm keeping were apparently the good Power Rangers, and Bounce and the girl were the (and I quote) "Psycho Rangers" (I'm not sure; don't ask). Suddenly SWK recruited Ju Ju Bees. "He's on our team, and he slobbers. He'll slobber on you!" Ew! I'm scared and I'm just a bystander! Needless to say, the "Psycho Rangers" beat a hasty retreat!

We've really not been doing much as it takes a lot of effort and gas to get into town. After the other two kids leave around 3:45, I feel as though my kids are easily handled. The "extra kids" are good kids, but it does make a difference when they aren't your own. Both SWK and the boy are video-heads, so it's a struggle getting them to go outside without actually forcing them to. Bounce and the girl could stay out all day pretty much. Around 2 p.m., Bounce goes down for a nap (now, whether he actually takes it or not....) and Ju Ju Bees is usually asleep for awhile by that point, so it is "quiet time" around here. The big boys are allowed to play a video game and the girl is usually either outside or playing with the boys. Today, I paid the "keeper boy" $1 to read to the girl and SWK while I tried to get Bounce to sleep. That has two benefits: I get them to be kinda quiet for awhile AND I get to shrug off some of the mom-guilt of not reading to the kids 24/7! Oh, the mom-guilt. Will I ever be free?

Okay, I must rest for 6 a.m. comes early. Oh, did I mention that we all go back to sleep until at least 8:30? Yes. Life is rough (and I still wonder why I can't get my housework done!).

I will leave you with a picture of my old clean van. I'm proud of it since it took me two days working around nap schedules etc. to get it this shiny. Now to actually get it sold. Are you looking for a good ol' van that needs a major transmission overhaul? Have I got a deal for you!

Oh, and then there is this one of two brothers. I think SWK has a gentle heart that will make it easier for him to have a sweet relationship with both of his brothers. He reminds me a lot of what I know about his Uncle Don (who by the way, we say "Happy Birthday to" 6/26). SWK was born the day after Uncle Don's birthday, and he's also the oldest of three brothers (alas there are NOT six sisters in this brood tho'!). Maybe all this plus Jesus makes SWK a tender-hearted boy. He loves his brothers! And his brothers love him!

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