Thursday, June 5, 2008

We LOVE MacGyver

And as Bounce says, "Dyver can do anyfing!" I bought DH the first season of "MacGyver" on DVD for his birthday (yay, an actual "hit" AND I paid less than he thought I would!...Okay, he suggested it, but I still got the great deal.) Anyway, we've been re-sucked into the world of the top secret agent who doesn't like guns but instead can do anything with a gum wrapper and a paperclip. It's kind of a nice change from Star Wars. Go here to relive the memories (You'll have to copy and paste because I'm an idiot and can't figure out how to link so prettily like everyone else!). Maybe DH can help me tomorrow...after all tomorrow is another day (name that movie!)

Of course, everytime we hear the theme song, we have to dance, even Ju Ju Bees who's dancing on my lap right now as I listen to youtub. His little bottom is squirming!

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