Monday, August 18, 2008

We're Still Alive...Really!

Okay, apologies for the lengthy departure from the blogosphere (cool word, huh?). We've actually been enjoying the weather and the ability to walk (mostly), so we've been going and playing and playing and going for several days now. So much so that my house, well, let's just say that we don't have hurricanes or tornadoes but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at our house! Plus, we're finally getting around to putting down the laminate flooring that we've had stored in the garage for a year and a half, so it ain't pretty right now. However, it will be as soon as DH has finished the floor; actually, it'll be really pretty (the floor, maybe not the house) AND I won't have to steam clean the carpet every time we want to invite someone over for dinner! Having carpet in the dining area with three boys? Well, let's just say, enough said!

So, Ju Ju Bees did get his catheter out two Fridays ago and now he's apparently as good as new. He is a walking machine and prefers that to crawling (unless he can't get to where he needs to go by under the table to get the last Fruit Loops!). He really enjoys trying to run, squealing from me as I'm trying to change his diaper! He has about 6 teeth that are trying to come in (that doesn't include the one that has just surfaced this week), so although he's mostly happy, he does have his moments! And drool? Mercy!

Bounce is doing really well with his walking although that took several days. He's finally starting to walk with his leg in front instead of out to the side. But I was happy even with that because at first all he wanted to do was crawl.

So, all that to say, I think we're finally going to have an enjoyable summer. Or rather we HAD an enjoyable week of summer since last week was in the 80s and today was 62 and rainy!

One cute statement heard around our house today as the boys were playing a sliding-the-new-Star-Wars-Happy-Meal-toys-across-the-new-laminate-floor: "Bounce, you can't cheat! The game is not about cheating! It's about winning." Yep, they're definitely DH's boys! SWK has also taken to building "contractions" (after realizing what he was building, I figured out that's actually "contraptions." He's also started designing them on paper. The most recent one was to thwart anyone's attempt at stealing Ju Ju Bees. He loves his brother. Bounce, on the other hand, might be the one to figure out how to build a catapult to rid himself of Ju Ju Bees. Not that he doesn't love him, but mercy, I have heard of sibling rivalry, but seriously a baby cannot hurt your "tars" when he is 20 feet away!

Oh, and we'll graciously accept any Happy Meal toys (of the Star Wars variety only, please!) that anyone wants to send our way.

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