Friday, September 5, 2008

At Least the Plate Didn't Break

Okay, again, apologies but seriously, I sometimes forget I have three children, so can anyone really blame me for forgetting to blog? Not like I've forgotten the children any where, but I sometimes have all three in the same room (Okay, usually have all three in the same room) and I still say, "Hey you guys! Be a little'll wake up be quieter, okay?" Mommy's lost her mind, kiddies, no one needs to worry. Really.

About the title, well it's a long, drawn out story, but since our lives have been so boring as of late what with no broken limbs, surgeries, or even long-lasting colds, I'll tell it anyway. Saturday, DH was in charge of the kids while I took a shower. I came out to find Ju Ju Bees shaking a juice box all over the newly installed laminate flooring (thankfully, the spot he spilled on in the carpeted area was pretty small). But the part on the laminate??? There was a trail, and he was having a great time! The boys had left both of their juice boxes too close to the edge of the table, and apparently, the baseball game was in a critical stage. Who knows? Later,the laundry room door was left open, and Ju Ju Bees had a great time in the cat's water and food. Then, later in the day, Bounce (who is recovering nicely; still a little slow, but much better) left his tea too close to the edge of the table. Ju Ju Bees (while I was helping someone else clean up something else) took the tea off the table. He didn't spill it on the laminate floor this time. Nope, he managed to carry an-almost-full cup to the carpet where, oops, it spilled (all of it...nary a drop to drink). Huh, that was cool. Then to top off the day, Bounce and I went to get pizza for dinner and brought it home. DH had the marinara (about a half of a pint) on the table (dare I say, close to the edge?) and guess who pulls it off the table? Thankfully, this is also laminate flooring! Last night, after enjoying the zoo with my little animals, we quickly had reheated pancakes (no syrup for Ju Ju Bees, thank you very much!). The boys were sitting at the table, and Ju Ju Bees pulled his plate off the table. I kind of rolled my eyes and started to go get pajamas, thinking, Hmm. At least he didn't break the plate. SWK said out loud, "Well, Mommy, at least he didn't break the plate." Small blessings, but blessings nonetheless!

On a sadder note, we're down to four males in our household. We think Landon the cat may have met up with a coyote this past week. I had just kind of gotten used to his cantakerousness and was a little fond of him plus he'd lay around and Ju Ju Bees would lay all over him, so that endeared him to me...a little. But either way, that's a rough end, so I wouldn't wish it on any animal, even a cat who walked around with his ears laid back and tail swishing. I sometimes feel like that, too, and I wouldn't want to meet a coyote! So, in memory (or in honor? I guess he could've just decided to ditch this family and try for one with fewer boys to harass him).

I still check the windowsill every morning to make sure he doesn't need to come in. Wow. How depressing.

Okay, gotta go clean up...something somewhere, I'm sure!

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