Friday, October 31, 2008

The Room Fairy

I blatantly lied to my children last night. And I really don't feel (too) guilty about it. A little background:
I read a blog on Wednesdays where the blogger hosts a Works For Me Wednesdays. Bloggers link to their site and tell something that works for them. It's a great resource for ideas, so I usually get sucked in for awhile. This week, one of the bloggers wrote about "The Desk Fairy" at her kid's school where the teacher drops a little bit of glitter on a clean desk along with a sweet treat. On those desks that aren't clean, she drops an "oops, I'll visit another time" note. This mom blogger decided to try it with her kids and their rooms. I thought, hmm, that's a good idea; maybe someday I'll use that.
Well, someday arrived last night. I hate it when I start yelling at the kids because they don't obey, so I've purposed in my heart that I will find a better way to communicate with them. Last night, I was at wits' end concerning the landfill we call their room. I remembered the blog. The phone rang, and I asked the boys to quieten down from the dull roar so I could speak on the phone. It was the Room Fairy. What? She was going to be at our house in 15 minutes? Hmm, I don't know if there's any point in coming, I told her. She insisted that she was going to drop by and see what the room looked like.
I wish I'd taken a picture before, but here's the picture after. Now, you'll probably note that not everything is in its proper place. But this is the first time that the room has ever been cleaned by non-Mommy hands. So I don't care! I can see the floor and was able to vacuum without my vacuum cleaner choking on small Lego pieces or running into big trucks.

Now, what's up with SWK and the pose or Bounce's lips? Who knows! But the room is clean and the fairy left candy. She was so impressed that she left candy in the middle of the night, too, on the oh-so-clean floor. SWK is worried that she'll never come back, but I assured him that she would. She also promised to call first!
And this "Room Fairy" was allowed to visit by the mommy who has encouraged her children to celebrate the real reason behind Christmas and Easter. Who has told the true stories about St. Nicholas and Santa Claus. Who has reminded the boys that Santa Claus is a fun "pretend" but that he's not the real reason for Christmas.
Oh, how far I've fallen!
But the room is clean...and I didn't do it!

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