Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Conversing with Ju Ju Bees

Last night around 11ish, I had my very first back-and-forth conversations with Ju Ju Bees. I was changing his diaper (he'd done his business after DH put him down, and I had come in from a meeting late, so when I went in to check on him, well, you can imagine the rest), and I was trying to keep him asleep (while I changed a diaper with cold wipes..yeah, right!). Our conversation went something like this:
Mommy: humming "Something about that Name" (our go-to song)
Ju Ju Bees: Ba-Ba
Mommy: You want a bottle? (sidenote: we don't do Baby Talk around our house)
Ju Ju Bees: Jes.

Okay, so it wasn't a long conversation, but we're quiet folks. Okay, we're not really, but it was late, and he must be like me, and I don't do lots of chatting when I just wake up. However, that conversation grew into an hour of watching pre-election coverage along with The Ransom of Red Chief, and then I finally had to put the child back to bed because he simply wanted to stay up all night and play. No more late night conversations!

Again, thank you, DH, for working for our family, so I get to stay home (and in my pajamas) after long conversations with little people deep into the night.

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