Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Escuela por Mi Hijos

I think that says "School for my boy children." Who knows? Uncle Leo? Regardless, today we were on the ball and did school early. We did our reading together ("A Story About Ping") and looked up China and the Yangtze River. Then we did Josiah's learning-to-read book. After that, I got Bounce set up with an "A" to color and glue cottonballs on. (By the way, he's apparently a perfectionist and couldn't get all the cottonballs like he wanted, so he's already quit school today. Impressive for a three year old!). SWK was making a pictograph to show how many girls and how many boys we have in our family. He made the faces by himself (except for Layla's (the dog) and Bounce did hers). Ju Ju Bees colored on his own sheet...and his face. Here's the evidence that we do occasionally do something productive...or at least colorful.

A little info about the pictograph: The girls are of course, Mommy and Layla. The boys are in order: SWK, Bounce, Ju Ju Bees (with marker on his face), and Daddy. Now, I asked SWK why Daddy looked sad. "Oh, he's mad." Why? "Well, at us." Why is he mad at you? "He can't find the remote!" I laughed. And then I made up some nonsense about Daddy not really being mad, just a little irritated. Whatever.

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