Friday, December 12, 2008

Just Pictures...Mostly

One of my favorite movies is "Man from Snowy River." This is our version of an Aussie hat...kinda. Sorry for the goldfish remnants, Grandmom.

Here's my brilliant 16-month-old boy who has made himself at home on top of my scrapbooking table. I'm so glad he's not afraid of heights or apparently of falling! Oh, and he's working on a Transformer puzzle. Mostly, he's just throwing the pieces on the floor so his partner in crime will have something to chew on.

"Who? Me?" Oh, and she's still "Red." We can't agree on a suitable name. DH has given up and just wants to call her "Red." Too pitiful. We have a friend dog named "Blue," but somehow "Blue" sounds cooler. (Which theorectically should mean that "Red" seems warmer, but I digress.) Anyway, we'll have something within a few days...hopefully.

And speaking of pitiful, here's our pitiful gingerbread house. But I'm sure that you won't notice it too much because of the cute kids who are demonstrating their lips and hips for the camera!

Life is strange around here!

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