Monday, May 25, 2009

In Real Life

"In Real Life" is a favorite saying of my boys. It can either be a question or it can be a statement as in:
"I don't wike him...IN REAL LIFE!" or "We're going to the ferry? IN REAL LIFE?"
So, for DH's birthday, we bought him a fire pit, and when I was getting it out of the garage, I almost died, but that's another story for another day, but I will tell you that we have to clean out the garage before August! So, last night, we roasted marshmallows over a fire pit. We had fun, the boys ate lots of marshmallows (most of them untoasted because they don't really like them toasted; They did like to stab them and eat them off of the skewer, however), and everyone smelled like smoke when it was all over. Good times. After we came in, SWK created this while he was supposed to be getting pajamas on. He said, "This is Daddy, and he's roasting marshmallows." I was kinda thinking Daddy looked angry.
So, imagine this scene, but imagine it IN REAL LIFE!

Oh, and SWK wanted me to put the picture "Online, so I can sell it and make lots of money." How much? "$700, so I can buy whatever I want." He might be a businessman at heart.
He also might be a little greedy, as this morning as we were waiting for our friends to show up for a cookout today, SWK asked, "Are our customers here yet?" Thankfully, he didn't try to sell his creations to any of our customer/friends. Oh well, there's always eBay!

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