Friday, July 31, 2009

Who Am I, Again?

My dear sweet husband has reminded me, "It's been awhile since you've updated your blog."
Yeah, I know. It's hard to know what to write some days.
Then I get this:

Hey Toots!

I realize you've been busy lately, (visits from family, children with
infectious diseases & what not.) However; do you think you could find time
to possibly update your blog? It's been 21 days since you've updated. 21

Please forgive my grammar or lack thereof as the more anxious I become,
the more my lack of caring about punctuation kicks in.



So, here I am today with updates:
Ju Ju turned 2 yesterday. We had a low-key celebration with our friends who help me out so much when I have appointments and such. We enjoyed having them out, and we kind of got to bless them a little bit as well. We're having a heat wave here (a serious one of degrees upwards of 100), and hardly anyone here has AC. We do, so we invited them out to get them out of the house and from sitting in front of their fan for a few hours. Thankfully, last night actually cooled off a bit, so it was nice to have our windows open (partially, so the axe murderer would have a harder time getting in!).
Anyway, one year ago yesterday, the kid looked like this:

Yesterday was this:

But my favorite is this:

Reminds me of another kid I know.

Other happenings:
My sister, Cowgirl, and her son Firecracker spent a week with us. I'll find some pictures and post them later (sooner than three weeks...maybe).
We lost Batman only four days after we got him. I think he got too cold, but in all fairness to the Man who suggested we set them outside for a bit, the Farmer didn't project the longevity of Batman to be that long. Really, DH, it's not your fault. (Okay, a little bit of it is.)
SWK had the dreaded disease MRSA for a few days, passed it on to Firecracker before we figured out what the heck was going on. All is well, and no one's leg rotted off. Which is good, but not having to have the wound drained is even better. The doctor was almost gleeful in projecting that we would have to drain it, and he proceeded to talk about it (including the words, "you'll have to hold him down, it's going to hurt" in front of a very imaginative 6 year-old). We've got two more days of powerful antibiotic (which has done nothing for the summer cold he has as well).
Robin (of chicken fame) also met with his demise yesterday. I don't think I'm cut out to be a chicken farmer. Unless they're simply for laying because to actually have to kill a chicken to eat it? Yeah, I could become a vegetarian really quickly. Robin's left leg had splayed and I tried to fix it, but not only was it not getting better, but the other was starting to splay as well, so the humane thing to do was... well, it wasn't fun, and I cried. This was yesterday.
So there were a few days where I wasn't sure my name was "Jana" or "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman." In fact, last Saturday, after I had worked on the chicken's legs, gave the dogs their flea medicine, gave SWK his antibiotic, and then bandaged his wound again, I was quite confused.
Today, I vacate. I am picking up a youth from church who we rented through the servant auction at church, and she's going to watch the kids until DH gets home. And I'm going to do some school-planning, some clothes shopping, and some general sitting-at-Starbucks-staring-into-spaceing. I'm so looking forward to it! And you know what? I'm doing it again tomorrow!
So that's it, that's all we've been up to. Oh, and pastor search committee meetings, church council meetings, finance meetings, birthday parties, MacGyver watching (we're on the final season *oh dear!*), and general running around like a chicken with our head cut off.


  1. Hope you are good...I just wanted to let you know that Nancy and I are sitting here...up late having fun...and laughing ourselves silly over your last blog entry.
    See you guys soon!
    Mom and Nancy

  2. SWEET! If I had only know that nudging would work...I most certainly would have nudged sooner! love you much


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