Monday, August 3, 2009

The Pig

Okay, this is a short one, but I had to share it.
For Bounce's second Christmas, we gave him a toy pig that sings when you put "coins" in it. He was a little interested in it, but you know those darn two year olds. However, this newest two year old has discovered it, and he is having fun with it this morning. Only he can't open it, so technically, I guess I'm having fun with it, too.
This is one of the songs that the pig sings:
(To the tune of London bridge)
Put some coins right in the top
Clink Clink Clink
Hear them drop
Open up the door and then
Play again.

For some *reason,* this little ditty always makes us laugh.

Considering who I live with, I guess it's only fitting that we have a pig who sings about clinking.

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  1. I wouldn't think that postage would be that expensive to ship 3 small clinkers to Oklahoma?!


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