Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ju Ju MacGyver

Sunday afternoon, the only "work" I did was making two trips out to the shed to find a game the boys had seen out there. It's called "The Marble Race," and they got it for Christmas a couple of years ago. The object of the game is to build this contraption that you can roll marbles down. However, since we've had the game, we've managed to lose almost all the marbles (This could also be a metaphor for my mind). However, the boys rounded up a couple and were having a grand ol' time before we had to pack up and head out to church that night. Later that night, I was walking down the hallway, and I heard the yell that said that Ju Ju had gotten into something he wasn't supposed to in the boys' room. SWK was doing the "GRRRRR..JU!" So I walked into their bedroom, and sure enough, Ju Ju had pulled all the heads off of the 50+ mini figures that SWK and Bounce have in their Lego collection. He was using them as marbles for the marble race game.

Apparently, it was a novel idea, because the next day, SWK was using the new "marbles" to play the game.

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