Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year/New Vocab or "New/New for Ju Ju"

Ju Ju is adding words to his vocab every day, and he loves to repeat whatever we're saying to practice new words. He's slowly starting to string words together, but usually, it's limited to "Mommy! Sikkie (silkie)" or "Mommy! Duck!" These are shortcuts to say, "Mommy, you get my silkie. I'm much too busy to walk the three feet to where I left it." or "Mommy, you get my duck since I'm so far from my room where I just came from to go back there and get it." you get the idea.

Here are some recent vocabulary additions:

"Maf?" SWK struggles with the motivation to finish his math work every day. He knows exactly what he's doing, but he just doesn't want to sit there long enough to do it. So Ju Ju picked up the pencil today, and said "Maf?" I asked him if he wanted to do math, and he said yes. But when I picked up some scrap paper to draw out some "math" problems, he wanted to work in SWK's workbook. Since there are some problems that are repetitious, I usually mark them out for SWK, so I let Ju Ju "do" those problems. "3+4+7=14" and then I helped him write "14". Which led to a new word: "fohr-teen." He's saying "maf" right now as he's laying on the table (wait...wasn't that a New Year's Resolution last year?)

"Peh-cy" "Jah-mes" and "Thomas": Those are pretty self explanatory if you're in the know about "Thomas and Friends."

And my all-time favorite: When he opened my junk drawers yesterday and found some magnets, "What de heck?" I'm not sure where he picked that one up. Ahem.

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