Monday, February 1, 2010

Bible in 90 Days--Check In #4

Bounce and Ju were both sick on Sunday morning, so I stayed home with them. While they played cars and did constant "replays" of every action for my benefit, I read my Bible. In fact, by the time DH and SWK came home I was only a day behind. I still have to finish reading Day 31 (only 5 pages left) and Day 32 tonight, but I'll get that done, and then (big sigh of relief)I'll be caught up. So, short and sweet, but here nonetheless!!

Oh and in my catching up, I was reading about the kings of Israel and Judah yesterday, and I loved, loved, loved reading the dedication and desire of King Josiah's heart. What a godly man with such stinky examples. For any little "Josiahs" I know, I hope that "they" will have better examples and be even more in love with Jesus than their namesake was. Was that clear as mud? And I loved David's prayer in I Chronicles 17:16-27.

Last night, during prayer time at church, we were focusing on Adoration, and the attribute that kept coming to mind is God's holiness. How many times has He tried to show Israel/Judah that He is holy and that He expects holiness from His people. Through reading about all of the various kings, it really struck me how they seemed to constantly be trying to figure out a way to please both God and man, and they always wound up pleasing man and being led astray by other gods/women/power, etc. Basically, there were very few who were totally sold out to the LORD and those were the ones that God used in good and powerful ways. He used the others (along with the Assyrians) but I wouldn't say it was in "good" ways! A holy God demands holiness. Thankfully, through Jesus Christ, we can experience that. What a blessing! What a Savior!

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  1. I saw your comment on the Latin curriculum over at PW and wanted to let you know about "Song School Latin." I think Prima Latina would be a bit over my seven year old's head, but this suits us quite well. It's a lot of fun and quite developmentally appropriate!
    Have fun :)


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