Monday, February 15, 2010

Bible in 90 Days--Check In #5/6

My apologies for not checking in last week. Excuses abound but suffice it to say that if you want to try to sell your house, even though it has been shown only once since October, you need to (in no particular order):
1)have your husband go out of town for several days;
2)determinedly decide to work on the 4 year-old's quilt that you've been promising;
3)spread said quilt-in-the-making ALL over the kitchen;
4)have at least one child (and if possible, two) have a cold and cough going on;
5)decide to paint your bathroom that's been getting on your nerves since you first painted it three years ago;

Then on the Saturday morning that you're trying to get it all cleaned up and second-coated, have a real estate agent call and say that they will be there Sunday morning (when you were planning to stay home from church with said-sick child). Clean like crazy, pick up said-absent husband from the airport, clean some more, fall in bed exhausted, wake up, clean like crazy, send family (minus sick kid) to church, grab sick kid, head out for two hours while the real estate agent shows your house. Come home, realize that the agent did not leave a card (did she show up????). Spend the day in a clean house, reading Bible, watching The Game, head to night church, and have husband call and say that someone is coming to show the house Monday morning. Oh, well, at least the house is mostly still clean!

So all that to say, that I was still only two days behind on Monday last week, but I didn't have the wherewithal to write a post.

This week's update: I'm still two days behind! I'm in the middle of the psalms and loving reading every one of them. I catch myself singing parts of them that are the basis for so many worship or praise songs. I also enjoyed reading Psalm 91 last night. It is still one of my favorites, and by having read it so many times in the past (because it is a favorite), I've found I've memorized a lot of it. I also loved the psalms that were a recounting of the history of Israel especially having just read the story of Israel again within the last few weeks. Everything is still fresh, so it sounds familiar.

If you're reading through in 90 days, how are you doing? Check in with other readers at Mom's Toolbox.

Oh, and by the way, Bounce's quilt: not finished. The bathroom? It looks great! The colds and coughs: all done!


  1. It's funny. I had to memorize Psalm 100 in VBS many years ago. I think I was still in the single digits.

    I've never forgotten it. What I didn't realize, until I read it in this translation, is that I memorized it in KJV. I almost didn't recognize it as the psalm that I love the most.

    It's also interesting because the Psalms give us a different perspective on the events in Israel than what we've already read, so while it's review, it's also different. Very cool.

    Good luck with the sale of the house!

  2. I love when a song pops into my head as I read the Psalms!


  3. whew! What a time you've had!
    Glad you are still hanging in and doing BEAUTIFULLY! Keep it up.. but with less craziness around...k? :)


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