Monday, February 22, 2010

Bible in 90 Days--Check In #7

Well, I'm still behind, but I'm still being amazed at God's love for Israel, His desire to see them be the People He wants them to be. They (like me) continually get sidetracked, defeated, repent, and return to God's care. Hit "Repeat." I'm in early Isaiah (about chapter 18) and determined last night as I was reading that I'd like to read through again this year (maybe not in 90 days! But completely through again) and mark the prophecies that I see concerning Christ in my regular Bible. Isaiah is full of them, of course, but I know that they are throughout the whole Bible. I look forward to that challenge later.

Life has calmed down somewhat. We did have someone come in on Saturday to check out the house. They called as I was going into the next town over for my Weight Watchers weigh-in and meeting, so I weighed in, skipped the meeting and high-tailed it home to spend the next several hours cleaning. Thankfully, this time DH was home to help clean and more importantly, to entertain the boys so I could pretend I was Super Cleaning Woman (aka my dear MIL!).

They worked some more on the basketball goal that we bought last week which called for a rousing game of 2-on-2 on Sunday. That was fun even though there were moments that we had a Little Tikes car turning circles in the middle of our "court" which also happens to be Ju Ju's driving area. I look forward to many more pickup games with "My Boys."

The Bible study that I lead on Tuesdays (Sweeter Than Chocolate by Pam Gillespie of Precepts International) is going well, and I'm enjoying that time with the ladies and of studying Psalm 119 in more depth. How sweet it is!

Last night, we had our first official/unofficial meeting for our formal/informal co-op/support group of homeschoolers. Basically, it's four other ladies and me and we met for coffee and birthday cake sans children. We all met through our Homeschool P.E. group at the Y, and we've continued to do activities together with our passel of children. We decided to make it more formal while still remaining oh-so-informal. Not sure what that means? Us either!! But our kids have fun together, and the moms all enjoy each other's company, so we'll just go from there.

Okay, enough chit-chat for today! I gave up blogs for Lent (except my own and Amy's at Mom's Toolbox since I'm committed to finishing the 90 Day challenge). So, I must go educate my children!!

If you're reading through with us, check out Mom's Toolbox, and see how other readers are doing.

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