Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bible in 90 Days--Check In --I Did it!

I finished reading through the Bible in 88 days (I finished last night around 11:00). This was such a rich experience, and it was, of course, made all the sweeter by getting a glimpse of heaven through John's eyes in the book of Revelation. Come, Lord Jesus!

I was longing to get to the part about heaven because we had a shock to our church family this weekend. One of my best friends had a brain aneurysm on Friday afternoon, and she went to be with the Lord. Oh, how she's rejoicing at Jesus' feet right now. But oh, how we're hurting and reeling from the shock. My friend was only 38 and in great condition. She was actually an organ donor, so the doctors were amazed at how well she kept her body. She was an exceptional human being who let Christ's light shine brightly. She loved children and was the type of person who asked to keep my kids or her brother's kids on her day off. Who does that? She was beautiful in her humility and passion for Christ, His Word and His Church. She made sure of her election and calling, so I'm sure she received a rich welcome into the kingdom of our Lord and Savior.

She prayed for God to glorified in her life, and He was and He will be. Please pray for my friend's family. They have felt God's peace, but in the coming days, they will need Him to continue to uphold them.

Check in with other readers over at Mom's Toolbox. Amy also has some suggestions for how to continue to read the Bible after this challenge is completed. Go check it out, and be encouraged.

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