Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday G'MOM

Grandmom, you're a treasure to us all, and I couldn't be happier to be part of this crazy, wonderful family. Thank you for putting up with Jess all these years and for making him he is the man he is today (all the good parts anyway; the parts that make me a saint, we'll blame on someone else! (at least for today!)).

We love and miss you and Granddad lots, and we wish you could be part of our boys lives more. Ju Ju saw a picture of you a couple of nights ago and said, "Ga-mom and Ga-dad."

You are loved!

Oh, and no, Ju doesn't have any pants on! Keepin' it real!

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  1. Hey boys, thank you so much...I love seeing you all standing there with the happy birthday poster.
    Boy number one....looks so big...love that grin!
    Boy number two....getting big and looking strong!
    Boy number three...looks like my little boy use to look...looks so much like his daddy!
    And as far as pouring my life's blood into your dh...know I COUNT IT ALL JOY!


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