Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Family that Prays Together...

Like Bounce, Ju Ju has taken quite awhile to start talking a lot. But within the last few months, he has just taken off. At Christmas time, he would say something and the boys would interpret it as "Fat Santa." Um, not sure about that, but generally we do pretty well at figuring out what he's referring to.

About two months ago, when we would pray at meal times or at bedtime with the boys, we'd hear this little voice pipe up, "Me pay." So at first, after either DH, SWK or I would pray, then this little voice would say, "Me pay," and we'd teach him how to say "Amen!" Then we'd all clap. Now, the clapping started with Bounce. When he was about two, he would clap after praying and say, "Yay, Jesus!" Two years later and we still clap after praying and say, "Yay Jesus!"

A few days after "Amen," I thought, "Well, if he wants to pray, we should teach him!" So the next time he said, "Me pay!" I said, "Dear Jesus" He'd follow along, repeating as best as he could. Now, SWK and Bounce jump in to lead him as he prays. Last night it sounded like this after I prayed with the boys at bedtime:
JJ: Me pay! (and he folds his hands and bows his head onto Bounce's bed)
Bounce: Say, "Dear Jesus"
JJ: Deah Jee-thus
Bounce: Thank you for dis wonderful place
JJ: Tank you 'ful pace
Bounce: I said, "wonderful"
JJ: 'ful
Bounce: Thank you for loving us
JJ: Tank you wuff us
Bounce: We love you
JJ: wuff 'ou
Bounce: Amen
JJ: 'men! (clapping follows).

The only problem with this incredibly sweet scenario is that I think Ju Ju is clapping for himself, but we'll work on that! What's even sweeter is that Ju Ju and Bounce's relationship has always been, shall we say, violent? I love that Bounce (who has also never volunteered to pray at meals by himself) will willingly jump into help Ju Ju pray. Now, if I were really cynical, I would say it's because Bounce can tell Ju Ju what to do, but I'm not (really) that cynical. I just choose to believe that Bounce is helping his little brother to grow up and love Jesus!

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