Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sweet Moments

Last night the boys were supposed to be picking up their room, getting pajamas on, the usual routine that they still haven't picked up on. (Hey! it's only been 6 and 4 years...Why rush things?) I think I get frustrated with them the most at bedtime simply because of the reminders. Haven't we ever done this before? Why do they look at me with wide-eyes and blank looks? Argh! To say these are sweet moments...would be a lie.

The sweet moments happened last night as I went into our office/multi-purpose/don't-have-a-solid-plan room. I went in to look for some Latin curriculum that we'll be pulling out in the next few days. SWK followed me in and asked to look at one of his albums. So, I pulled one out for him (kudos to me for not getting frustrated that he was supposed to be cleaning his room), and he plopped down to look at himself as a baby. Here came Bounce to join the party, so out came one of his books. Enter Ju Ju who wanted to see his book. (Why he needed to see his book when he could have been Bounce's twin, I don't know!) We spent a good 15 minutes just looking at their books and reminiscing. The word reminiscing is a funny one since most of what's in their books they will never remember. If SWK didn't read the journaling that I wrote beside the picture, he'd just make up his own story, then he'd make one up for Bounce. Ju Ju was most fascinated with the pictures of him in his book with his ducks. In fact, at one point he ran and got his ducks so they could see themselves in his book. Funny, funny kid, that one. As he looked at his tiny baby pictures, he said, "Baby. Cute baby." He saw one of GMom and thought it was Mrs. Rita, our friend from church. I quickly corrected him and then I thought, "Hmm, it must be time for GMom and GDad to come see us again!" (That was a hint, if anyone is still reading this ol' blog!)

I read to the "big" boys some of the letters I had written to them in the backs of their books. I try to write on each page, but when I finish one of their books (usually from one birthday to the next), I try to write a letter to them about what they liked that year, some of their favorite foods and funny sayings, and then I always encourage them to "follow hard after Jesus." I write to them some of the things I have prayed for them i.e. for Bounce's strong will and determination to serve him well when he grows into a man, for it to help him to be God's man and stand strong in tough times. I could see in SWK's face as I read to him that he loved hearing those words of encouragement and love. Maybe I'm doing something right??

I love my "job" as a Creative Memories consultant, and nights like last night when my boys were enjoying their albums reminded me that I'm not only enjoying a "hobby" but I'm keeping their stories for them and hopefully, I'm reminding them of Whose they are.


  1. I am still a faithful follower of your blog. When I first saw today's I thought the picture was of boy number 2. They do look so much alike. I love how you are instilling in them to"follow hard after Jesus"....
    I also so admire your quest in reading the Bible through,,,,also love the commentary in all you are learning and how it is a blessing to you.
    If it were up to me gandad and I would be out there tomorrow. Thanks for making us feel so loved...and from my heart to yours... something IS being done right in their lives!


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