Friday, March 12, 2010

Well, It's Official.

I'm nuts.

The boys have been fighting a lot lately, and Ju sometimes gets left out of their playtime (when they're playing, not fighting; he always manages to get in on the fighting!). I think because they have all been sick, winter (even thought it's been sunnier here than usual), and we are ALWAYS together, they are getting on each other's nerves (and may I say, mine?!). I think the tendency would be to separate them a little and give them some space, but I decided to try something different and throw them together MORE! Like I said, I'm nuts.

I got a "wild hair" yesterday and suggested to the big boys that we move Ju in with them. I thought there would be "No's" and weeping and gnashing of teeth. They were insanely excited about the possibility. To test them on it, I told them that if we were going to move beds around, that the toys in the big boys' room would all need to be cleaned up and moved to Ju's room (hereafter referred to as "Ju's, d'oh I mean, the playroom"). They swooped in like little vultures and cleaned up their room in a little over forever (or in human terms, 20 minutes). I vacuumed, sucked up any left-over Lego (I kid. Kind of), and pulled in Ju's little toddler bed.

Which leads me to a tangent (did you honestly think you'd get through this post without at least one?): Ju's bed is the kind that you just put the crib mattress on, and call it a toddler bed. Has anyone ever slept on one of those? I mean, anyone over 36 inches tall? I have. Um, it's a little short for me, but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. This past week, with all three having colds and coughs, I've slept in Bounce's bed twice with him, Ju's bed, and my own bed by myself once. Ju's made himself at home in our bed a couple of times. Oh, and even the time I slept in my bed alone, I had to share it with DH. What is up with that???

So, back to the drama of room-changes. When I got out of the shower last night, Ju was standing in the bathroom and was a little disoriented plus with the onset of his second round of coughs, he needed Mommy. So, DH and I made room for him in our bed. Usually, this results in Ju sleeping between DH and me. Ju sleeps on my pillow about 5 inches from the side of the bed. I get the "extra" 5 inches. If anyone knows me in real life, they know I take up more than 5 inches! I don't usually mind because I've always loved having my boys sleep with us. Ju has been the first to take full advantage of that (partly because he's the first that DH has allowed to take full advantaged of that!). Only last night, probably because of his cold, Ju was like a spinning top. Actually, as I've said before (on here?), he couldn't have turned anymore if he'd been a rotisserie chicken.

The true story of how this new room arrangement will work will probably take weeks to tell. We had a team meeting before the boys went to bed to discuss the very real possibilities of immediate and drastic action being taken should one of the big boys wake up Ju in the mornings (SWK wakes up EARLY!). Ju also made known his predisposition and preference for Mommy's bed. "Me not seep "j's" room; me seep Mommy's bed."

I just asked SWK if he was quiet this morning when he woke up, and he said, "Yes. I just stared at Ju last night while he was asleep, and this morning, too. Only he wasn't there this morning."
I asked, "Why were you staring at him?"
He said, "Because he's so cute."
I asked Ju, "Are you cute?"
He had been smiling this whole time, and said, "Yeaaaaah." Like he was from the South or like he was his Mama's child.

This might work out. Or you'll hear me weeping and gnashing my teeth!

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