Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Seven-Year-Old Second Grader

Today is SWK's seventh birthday. When I went into sing and wake him up this morning, he asked what time it was. Then he said, "I'll wait to actually turn seven at 11:24 this morning, but I'll go ahead and be a second grader." Um, okay.

This kid is one of the sweetest you'll ever meet. He's tender-hearted where little kids are concerned and hero-worships the big kids. But most of all, he loves Jesus.

Dear Josiah,

You are my precious boy and you're seven years old now. I can't believe how time has flown. You were so tiny when we brought you home from the hospital, and I sat on our bed in the warm house just marveling over how beautiful and tiny you were. Daddy was on his way to get Grandmom because she couldn't wait to see her new grandson. She was right to come since you would need her to hold you while Mommy tried to catch some sleep. You liked to hang out with Mommy...a lot, so Mommy didn't get a lot of sleep unless Grandmom was there!

You are a kind, sweet boy who loves to learn new things and find out "why." I pray that you will continue to keep that curiosity and desire to learn. I also pray that as you grow, your love for Jesus will increase more and more. Your tender heart will be a good thing and a painful thing someday. Daddy and I both see you getting your heart "broken" by some girl because you love deeply, but we also want your heart to be broken for the things of God, those things that break His heart. May your heart always be compassionate to those who have little or those who just need to be loved, like the man on the street you saw this week. You told me that if he came to our car, that we needed to give him some money because we had some and he needed help. Your innocence reminds me of how we are supposed to love the people that God has created and Jesus has died for. May you never desire anything less than God's glory and His will for your life.

Most boys your age wouldn't be interested in a new baby or in helping out anyone else, but you usually jump to it. Today you saw one of our new babies at church, and you had the most tender smile on your face. You love the little ones, and are very kind to all children.

You're a good boy, my friend, and I love you so much. And remember the song I made up for you: "Josiah, Josiah, I love ya Josiah, You are the best, You are the bomb, I'm so blessed to be your mom." I am blessed, Josiah. You're a blessing to me every day. I'm glad we get to homeschool, so I can see you all the time!

Mommy (or as you've started calling me this week "Mom")

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  1. I couldn't get through this post without tears in my beautifully written and so sincerely meant.
    Josiah has a cousin close to his age, David Loose, and he shares the same type of heart!
    Happy birthday 7 year old Josiah. I cannot begin to imagine all that God has in store for you!!


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