Monday, June 28, 2010

Through the Bible

Beginning January 1 this year, I read through the Bible. Even though I hold a seminary degree, it was the first time I read through the Bible. I've read every book in The Book, of course, and I have studied some of them extensively (some with Precepts Ministries, so you know it was in depth!). But I had never read Genesis through Revelation. When I finished in March, I was proud of myself that I had stuck with it, even when it was hard. I'm not always the best at finishing something, so I was (a little) proud. But mostly, I was humbled. Humbled that this love story that God has written to us involves me. I am one of those that has grieved the heart of God, just like the Israelites. They had seen God's faithfulness, yet they continued to have their hearts swayed and their focus recast onto worthless idols. I give them a hard time, railing on their failures, even as I have the entire book (they only had the Pentateuch at times, then our Old Testament) and yet still wander away from my loving Father's will.

So, all of that to say, that I'm going to be reading through the Bible again with Amy from Mom's Toolbox. I'm also going to be mentoring other readers who may be reading through for the first time. As a mentor, I don't have to read through again, but I want to! That's how good our God is! I'm asking you for a couple of things, my (two) dear sweet readers, would you pray for me, that God would change my stubborn heart to be more in alignment with His? Would you also pray for those who are reading through for the first time, that they would get even a glimpse of His glory? And would you also consider joining me on this journey? I promise it'll be worth it. Follow these links to get to Mom's Toolbox to sign up. You don't have to be a blogger; you can check in with her by commenting each week. I'd love to know if you are signing up, but make sure and sign up with Amy, too. Here's the basic info:

Blogging through the Bible in 90 Days with begins July 5. Participants will read every word of the Bible, check in weekly on and be encouraged in their journey into God's Word.
Those interested in learning more, should follow this link:

To sign up, please follow this link:


  1. I am so glad you read with us last time and will be mentoring this time. Thank you!!!

  2. Hi my name is Tracy I am a UK mum with 4 adult children. I am starting 90 day challenge and came accross your bio.
    I am sitting here at school onmy lunch break crying I dont know why but I feel I have to write and tell you that God is in control he knows the plans he has for you.

    Anyway must go as its class time
    God bless


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