Monday, September 27, 2010

B90 Week 13 or "Holy Cow, We're Almost Done!"

Well, it's Day 85 of the Bible in 90 Days, and I'm right on target to finish in 88. There was a time in the middle (almost the whole middle!) that I was behind 10 or more days. Then, even though I had finished in March, I was beginning to consider giving up. But then I was reminded 1) how good it felt to have accomplished such an awesome goal, 2) there are others who are reading for the first time and would my giving up (if they even knew) be an encouragement to them (Galatians 6:9-10)? 3) Discipline is not my strong suit, so giving up would be so easy. Continuing would be harder, so I decided to be like Paul, to beat my body, to make it my slave (OK, not my actual body because the treadmill and I are still not friends) so that I would not be disqualified for the prize. I know that my salvation isn't based on my works (Thank you, Jesus!), but we are called to show our faith by our works. My work this time was to finish and to finish well.

If you are still struggling with finishing, keep on keeping on. Drag out your "sticktoitiveness" and "just do it," "get'er done." (Any other silly slogans that I can use to encourage you to go for it?) If you have finished, will finish in 90 days, will finish in more than 90 days, let us know! Amy, over at Mom's Toolbox, wants to know if you're reading along with us and when you're finishing. Go there and be encouraged. Praise be to the glorious God and Father of us all for His precious love letter to us.

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